Friday, April 11, 2008

Who Needs BikeEd?

Oklahoma needs informed citizens--and especially, informed bicycling advocates. Most people involved in cycling do not have even a passing understand of the bicycling laws in their state and local communities. Many people still cling to dangerous misconceptions about cycling that reduce their enjoyment and their safety while riding.

People who need bicycling education:

  • Cyclists: cycling club officials, ride leaders, local and state advocates, commuters, tourists, racers, exercise enthusiasts--anyone who rides a bike on a roadway, especially those who want to mentor and guide others
  • Motorists: teenagers and new licensees taking drivers ed, DUI perpetrators, city bus drivers, community and civic groups, neighborhood associations, soccer moms
  • Pedestrians: Trail users, joggers, stroller pushers, roller bladers

The 4 E's of Cycling Advocacy--Enforcement, Engineering, Education, and Encouragement--also tell us who needs bicycling education.

  • Enforcement: highway patrol officers, city police, county sheriffs, district attorneys, judges
  • Engineering: transportation planners, ODOT and city public works engineers,
  • Education: Phys Ed instructors, Drivers Ed instructors, middle school and high school students, college students,
  • Encouragement: community leaders, churches, civic organizations, charities, volunteers

Education serves as encouragement. Want to sponsor a law enforcement officer, transportation planner, elected official, or other public figure for BikeEd Road 1? This is an excellent way to improve cycling conditions and make friendly connections in the community.

Road 1 is the basic adult course and assumes reasonable skill in the fundamentals of balancing, steering, and braking.

Kids 1 is for parents of younger children who don't know how to ride.

Kids 2 is for youths old enough to bike on their own--to school, to see friends, to the corner store, to soccer practice or piano lessons.

BikeEd for Motorists is a short seminar to improver cyclist-motorist relations and general awareness of good bicycling practice.

Visit TAOBike's education pages for more info.

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